Welcome to Green Paradise of India - Himachal Pradesh (India)

Himachal known as the untimate Paragliding destination of India as many famous tourist place like Bir Billing, manali, Kullu, Solan, Chamba, Dharmshala are available for Paragliding and many other adventure activities. Bir Billing located in District Kangra near to Palampur is internationally known for its great altitude take off site which is at 2450mts from sea level and beautiful landing ground at 1450 mts from sea level. Bir billing famous not only for Paragliding but also base to the beautiful camping location and trekking destination.

At Bir Billing you can get the exposure of Monastery, Tea Garden, Tibeton culture/teaching and also around Bir Billing so many destination are worth seeing to visit like Shiv Temple, Mahakal Temple, Tashi Jong Monastery at Baijnath, Agriculture University, Sobha Singh Art Gallery, Saurabh Van Vihar at Palampur, Last railway station of Pthankot Railway Line, Shanan Power Project at Joginder nagar, Water reservoir of Hydel Project, Trout Fishing Center, Nargu Wildlife sanctuary, thick tradition of hilly village at Barot. Visit to Himachal Pradesh to explore many more hidden jewels of forest and mountain.

Paragliding Adventure in Billing in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

side-pic Location :- Bir Billing
Known for: - Paragliding, Buddhist monastery, Tea Garden
Position: - 1st in Asia and 2nd in world (paragliding site rank)
Take off Point :– Billing
Altitude : - 2430 Mts (above sea level)
Landing Point :- Bir (Keor)
Altitude :- 1450 mts (above sea level)
Accommodation: - Hotel, Home stay, Guest House, Camps
Food facility :- Hotel, Restaurants, Small Dhaba

Trekking and Camping with other Adventure Activities

side-pic Location:-Barot
Altitude :- 1800 mts approx
Known for:- Water reservoir, Fishing point, Camping, River Crossing, Picnic
Accommodation: - Hotel, Home stay, Guest House, Camps
Food facility :- Hotel, Restaurants, Small Dhaba
Location : - Rajgundha
Altitude :- 1800 mts approx
Known for:- Beautiful landscapes
Accommodation: - Temporary Camps
Food facility:- Self arrangement

Exploring location of Himachal Pradsesh in India

Fact to know before choosing adventure trip

What is Paragliding :-
Fly in the sky with the help of wings and string after jumping from the mountain. Billing is the best destination to fly long in sky with experienced pilot and safe condition (Air).
What is Camping :-
Spending time to stress out in open lawn or in forest with temporary staying camps with family or friends. Billing, Barot , Rajgundha are the best camping location around Bir Billing in kangra Valley.
What is Trekking :-
Mile up the beautiful atmospheric destination by the way of walking. The idea of trekking in Himachal Forest trails and mountain has earned huge popularity among the trekkers across world. Here in Kangra Valley so many trekking trails are available in forest and mountain (Uphill trek, Downhill Trek)with incredible landscapes of God Valley.
What is River Crossing :-
It is not mean only Cross the River by unformed way but learn to cross the swollen river with technical and safe way. Barot, Bir (Gunehar), Joginder nagar, Bajnath are some best places to learn river crossing with the experienced trainer.
What is Rappeling :-
Climbing down a cliff with the help of rope and other equipment is called the Rapeling. Moderate valley of Billing and Barot are the best location to learn about Rapelling in safe way.
What is Fishing :-
Catch the fishes in river or ravine is an art specially when you catch the fishes, play with fishes to get rejuvenate without hurting them. Barot valley is perfect destination for fishing as a government trout breeding center is there from where fish are released into the Uhl river that make this place excellent for fishing and angling.