Paragliding, Camping and Local Sight Seen in Bir Billing

Paragliding Adventure Tour

Imagined long flying for hours in the sky, touching the clouds with the sound of air! Billing takes off site famous for the long flying and If you want to taste the paragliding adventure in Himachal Pradesh then Billing is the ideal place to feel sky long time. Bir Billing referred as the Paragliding Capital of Asia. Himachal Pradesh is one the best place for adventure activities in India. Both professional and fly enthusiast who has no knowledge of flying can enjoy paragliding activity here with the professional and experienced person. Paragliding events are organized every year in this beautiful valley and many adventure enthusiasts come across the globe to participate in the event.

Fact to know about Bir Billing and Paragliding
  • Bir(Keor) is situated at an altitude of 1450 mts above sea level that is the Paragliding Landing Area
  • Billing top is the take off site for Parachute and Hang Glider situated at an altitude of 2450 Mts above sea level. Billing is internationally famous point for Paragliding and also well known for Camping and Trekking
  • Paragliding Joyride is adventurous sky sport so weak hearted person(or who fear from height) are advise to ignore this joyride
  • There is no age limit to take the joyride but weight limit is considerate (30kg to 110 kg)
Short Paragliding Flying     15-25 minutes from Billing Top to Keor Landing Point
Cross Country Flying     You can choose cross country Paragliding joyride to get the Arial view of cliffs

Paragliding and Camping Tour to Bir Billing :

The adorable mountains surrounded by lush green valley and favourable climate make this place a perfect spot for paragliding and Camping. Bir Billing pack with many permanent camping site and temporary camping places with utmost tourist facility. Bir Billing a beautiful hill station and source to all facility for long trekker and camper wo like to set up multi days tour package.

What we Provide during the Camping and Paragliding Package
  • Brekfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack (Whenever applicable)
  • Transport facility when required
  • Bonfire every evening
  • Local Sight Seen to know the area speciality
  • One Paragliding Tandem joyride (20-30 minutes)
One night Tour with Camping and Paragliding
Multi night – Local sight seen, Camping, Trekking and Paragliding tour